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Siphiwo Mahala

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Teko Modise the Great Footballer and Poor Actor

I wonder if Teko Modise’s poor showing at the Confederations Cup has anything to do with the pathetic adverts that he had to do for the various brands. Teko is a great footballer and I love him for that, but my goodness, he’s such a lousy actor. Think of the Coca-Cola advert where he just shouts “Higher, ladies, higher!”, and may be the MacDonald’s one where he plays around with a ball and spots a potential player-escort in the process.

But one that I find extremely absurd is the Samsung advert. Here comes Teko Modise, the great South African Footballer out of what appears to be his private jet. Oh please, how many PSL players own private jets at the moment? In any case, here he comes out of the plane and takes his sunglasses off. Now, I have my cheap sunglasses and I’ve been in a plane before. Isn’t it most likely that you would put the sunglasses on when you get out of the plane instead of the other way round?

As Teko gets out of his jet he is surrounded by a bunch of guys in dark suits and sunglasses. Are they supposed to be bodyguards? Now, how many public figures in South Africa outside the political arena have bodyguards? You’d even find politicians such as Bantu Holomisa walking around without any bodyguards at times.

The great Teko gets out of the plane in this outlandish airport and a string of long cars are awaiting him. As his entourage drives out of the airport he notices this sad African boy who was hoping to get the much sort after autograph from him and, I suppose, Teko orders the entourage to stop. He gets out of his limousine and takes out his Samsung mobile phone. He uses his phone to take a photo with the now clearly ecstatic boy and leaves the phone with him. Teko doesn’t even bother to take his sim-card where he supposedly stores contacts for his loved ones.

Now I’m beginning to wonder if so much patronization of an individual didn’t get to his head in the field of play. The guy is still young and there’s a great promise in his legs. May be instead of letting his legs speak for him, he spent too much time thinking about how best he can meet the expectations of the fans, international scouts and the sponsors from the various brands that he’s been advertising.


Recent comments:

  • ziyanda
    August 4th, 2009 @19:53 #


    Mr Mahala Sir, now you must remember Teko is just a football player , he is not trained to be an actor right. i think the crit should go to the people who ran the ad. They should have advice him on how to do the actions that he was required to do and they should have thought logically, especially on the samsung ad , the sunglasses , the sim card, the numbers stored and everything else. but then think about if he were to take out his sim card and give the boy his phone, wouldnt be time consuming and it will look rather somehow. poor thing was just following directors oders , thats all, he surelly didnt come up with the campain and how to execute it . he was problably under pressure as well hey, forgive the guy.

  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Fiona</a>
    August 4th, 2009 @22:25 #

    Ziyanda, I think Siphiwo's real gripe with Teko was his "poor performance at the Confed Cup". Criticising the ad is just a way of venting some spleen. The subtext, as I understand it is, "Teko, man, why did you play so flippin' badly when the whole world was watching??" ;)

  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Helen</a>
    August 4th, 2009 @23:55 #

    The same kinda thing happened in Trinidad when Brian Lara was going through a veeeeeery long trot of bad form, while appearing all over billboards, telly, etc, touting jewelry, cellphones, etc. It seems that athletes who feature in ads need to make sure that these aren't flighted while they're tripping up over their own feet on the field...

  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Siphiwo</a>
    August 5th, 2009 @07:03 #

    I'm actually sympathetic to the poor guy, though it might sound otherwise. It is the same as some of us who took to writing as some kind of refuge because we are not gifted with oratory skills. The next thing you are expected to address your audience directly and do live interviews! You then become a "celebrity" overnight, spend a lot of time doing irrelevant shows and appearances at the expense of your craft. I think as a general rule, it is wise to try and avoid being above your game because if that happens you can easily forget what brought you there in the first place.


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